Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ode to the Palm Islands (Other)

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RecipeOde to the Palm IslandsJul 22, '09 9:18 AM
for everyone
Category: Other
Style: Other

Ode to the Palm Islands

O’ my sweet homeland Indonesia
A land of beauty, o’ my greatest love
So pure and rich, my home worth dying for
The flawless diamond I adore

O’ my sweet homeland I am longing for
Though I’m far away you are always close
I miss the sand and sparkling golden grains
I shall come home again

Palm trees on the beach, waving in the breeze
Like a princess sing, to valiant prince
Palm isles I adore, always in my soul
O’ my sweet homeland Indonesia

Translated from:
Rayuan Pulau Kelapa â€" Ismail Marzuki

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